Manifesting! Gardens. Hummingbirds and Stuff


I found it! I found my forever and ever and ever home! Now all I have to do is manifest us into it. I was so excited to find it. It was last night, or early this morning I should say, 3 am actually. I jumped out of bed to show it to Sky since I had just heard him in the hall and knew he was up and I had to share it with somebody and I thought Sparky was asleep and probably he was until I came back to bed and got all up in his face trying to see if he was awake or not lol.

Sky loved it too and when I saw Sparky  blink his eyes open at me I slid over to his side of the bed to show the pictures on the iPad. He loved it too! Now no way do we have the means to move right now but we can manifest and with so much positive energy behind the goal it cannot fail!

After I found the house I quit looking but I saw I had other windows open in the tabs. One for the class I am about to begin and so looking forward to, and another one I had opened I suppose in the middle of one of my insomniac nights but didn’t read after all. It was on 9 key steps in the Laws of Attraction. So I read them and then I followed my instincts to the bottom of the page, scrolling down I saw the words…

write for us

It’s an online magazine called Body Mind Green I think but I’ll have to double check. But doesn’t that just sound right up my alley?

I noticed a hummingbird starring at me through the bad window in my studio for a couple of days so yesterday morning I went out and refilled their feeders and all of a sudden I had like six of the little beauties flying all around!  It was so cool! Magic! One, a florescent/iridescent green one, continues to buzz me at the window though and I like it.

Right now everything is so green and lush and fresh from the morning rain and the mini storms of yesterday. I just know the freshly planted seeds in the garden are loving it! Soon I will be able to harvest more lettuce and cucumbers and squash!

I have lettuce seeds from the last crop drying now. I did that a couple years ago, harvested the seeds from lettuce, and the next season I had the very best lettuce crop of all times! I was giving away bags of it!

This year it’s our baby tomatoes that have thrived. I tried to tell Sparky we were planting too many of them but he wouldn’t listen to me and now he has a potassium restricted diet and has to lay off the tomatoes, not entirely because he refuses.

I love love love tomatoes with spinach and hot peppers on my egg white sandwich for breakfast with a bowl of Cheerios and Vanilla Cashew Milk. Man, now I am hungry. So, I’m gonna bounce to the kitchen to start some biscuits and sausage and eggs for Rainy and Sparky and coffee for me while I cook.

Normally we would be out right now looking for treasures at yard sales but it is so rainy we don’t think there would be any but who knows maybe after breakfast we’ll go out scouting for someone holding one in a garage…it could happen.

Have a beautiful day my friend, send Sparky positive vibes, he’ll be heading to the flea market tomorrow with his friend to sell some of his good finds. But I’ll be here and I hope you can stop by for coffee and a visit.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN2444



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