The Purge Continues, Meet Leo, Give Me Peace

I don’t want to be a grown up. I want to stay home and color!


Library Books, Coffee, The Deep Freeze and Stuff

Despite my best efforts I always have past due library books.

Last Week…

Last week in a quick review… arranged and rearranged my art studio a bazillion times finally settling on a setup Thursday that I dig continued for a search for clarity which I lost all sight of until this morning actually…I didn’t panic like sometimes I would have done starting and stopping this project or that…

The Purge Continues…

This morning I purged the hall closet finding another weaving loom, a medium size paper cutter, felt and a lot of great cloth to paint on.

I Ask You…

Is it wrong to give up your work space, i.e. drawing table, to your cat?

I Spy…A Country Morning

Good morning beautiful people who may or may not be reading this…in my world we are together sipping coffee and chatting at the kitchen table that resides by the Dutch door and has a fireplace and a brick oven in which is fresh bread that we’ll have later with homemade soup or maybe pasta or perhaps a green salad.


If I were to take out a personals ad it would state….free-spirited boho hippie artist iso clarity for daily direction and achieving dreams. I enjoy long walks in the woods, getting messy with art and practicing yoga. My drug of choice is caffeine, ie coffee.