very last October Monday

We bought candy for Trick-or-Treaters even though we never ever ever have any. That’s why we buy the Tootsie Rolls that Sparky loves best, so he can eat them all!

Construction Girl…Day 2….

I think I may be digging this constuction thing a litte bit more. I get to spend all day long outdoors and I get to hug trees!!!

inspiring me to simplify

Soaking in the morning, the benefits of the yoga I just practiced and the day ahead…market, laundry, cooking…you know, life.

My daydream Saturday morning…

used book store that smelled like coffee and history and mystery with wood plank floors and ladders that climbed up the stacks to the books covered in dust where you might find one of the store’s cats napping

Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Sing Your Song

Summer sun fun on the run like youth is over before it’s begun. If I had known then what I know now… it doesn’t matter anyhow. What was has been. What will be is yet to be seen. What matters now is now… Lost and found time tick tick ticks on by on the fly…

Books, Reading Nooks and Me

I finished reading Slice Harvester last night. It was so good. It was like seeing an old friend leave after visiting for month. Good-bye Colin Atrophy Hagendorf. I’ll miss your words my friend. Having just finished Slice Harvester and wanting to keep up┬ámy little 9pm reading ritual in the little tiny little…I mean SMALL…reading nook…