The Zen Pen Peace Project…free verse poetry off the top of my head!

Free Verse: July 2018:DSC_0488

Seabreeze and daydreams

long lazy moments 

weave together at the seams

reams of time and space

lost and found


with me

swinging from the hammock under the palm trees

with ease

I breathe

taking in the scents

of coconut and suntan lotion

like a love potion

I’m under the spell

I remember well

from long ago


I’ll go with the flow

a little more

relaxing down to the core

like before

and after

a picture cannot capture

the moment, the peace, the sweet sweet release

of me and the grip on reality 

in exchange for dreams

and deep stretches 

of time

now, I think I’ll rewind 

and do it all again tomorrow

and the day after

and the day after

and the day after….

Once Upon A Time…

Once I roamed free here

like a deer 

grazing in the field

nothing to yield or reason to shield 

myself from

not even 

the beautiful golden sun

shining high above;

then the dove

sang a sad song

of a world where Peace 

no longer belonged

but a place of destruction

politics and corruption

cash flow…make it rain

who cares about the pain

this will cause

if something doesn’t change

soon all will be lost.

We’ll roam a barren sad earth

a place without hope, a place without birth

without beauty and trees

without birds, without bees.

Will we then drop to our knees 

crying for a planet where we can breathe?

I hope together we can make a stand 

to save our planet, to save our land.

Before it’s too late 

and we can’t pencil it in or save the date.

The time has come

concrete jungles have us on the run.

It’s time to fight

for our right

to fresh air and clean water

food for all sons and daughters,

Mother Nature’s children we are

like the shooting star 

that will burn out

with a whimper not even a shout

if we don’t say enough is enough and turn this about.

She’s a free spirit

She’s a free spirit

don’t try to tame her, don’t tie her down or put her on a pedestal

and certainly don’t blame her. 

She’s happiest barefoot and fancy free

to see

life one day at a time

no rhyme 

no reason

only the season,

she’s prepared for is the moment.

Find her same place next time?

Don’t count on it. 

The winds will blow

and show 

her which way to go

and she flows with the tides

and rides 

the cosmic waves 

to indigo 

where time meets space and

row the boat

to the new shore,

to someplace she’s never been before.

Barefoot and free

to be…

and love…


she sees.

I Want

I want to be like the hawk

soaring high above all the chaos.

I want to be like the cat

springing from here to there.

I want to be like the dog

happy to just run.

I want to be the chameleon

changing colors blending in or standing out.

I want to be like the sloth

taking chilling to a zen place.

I want to be like the the weed


I want to be like the sunshine

casting a warm light for Mother Earth.

I want to be like the moon

giving the lonely someone to talk to in a soft glow.

I want to be like the stars

offering wishes to those who believe.

I want to be open and awake and

willing to receive.

June, 2018:DSC_0462

Living On Borrowed Time

Living on borrowed time

can’t really rewind…

wish I could sometimes.

With this in mind

I must continuously remind

myself to live fully awake and aware

willing to take a dare

a chance for a change to occur

in the spur

of a moment another measure of time

proving that even though you can’t rewind

you can start over


and they have to come…

from the ether to the here and now

don’t worry about the details it’ll just happen somehow. 

Look in the mirror and say to you…


Then to your own self be true

welcoming in the changes of all the new and improved. 


by you. DSCN3573


Quiet little seemingly insignificant moments

fragments of time

a rhyme 

skipped beat

taking my seat 

in lotus pose

calming body from head to toes

life flows

like a stream

sometimes living is like a dream

sometimes nightmare


down the demons of the mind

take back your life, your time

telling yourself it all good, it’s all fine

pause and live one moment at a time

so you don’t find 

yourself wondering where the time went

mindful it will have  been spent 

in peace and gratitude

of the old and the new



There is magic all around in the dusk of the day

time to stray away 

from the old and mundane

leaving behind the remains 

of the day

for a time to play 

in the indigo

the glow 

of fireflies and sunset skies

and lullabies 

sang by birds 

who often go unheard

in the rustle, the bustle 

of life

deaf and dumb to what just might

be the most important part

if we had only known from the start

but now we do

so we too

can remember


to strive for more peace


what we no longer need

letting it go, letting it be

what it is, is what it is

and this is it now

remember how

to live

to laugh

to love

lay on the ground and stare at the sky above

and breathe in the magic that is all around

when there’s no sound

just your own heartbeat

calm and bliss from head to barefeet…♥

A Time Before…

I was carried by the wind

to a place before time began

and all was pure and clean 

there was no mean

no sadness

no grief,

only breath and movement and sweet release

of shared energy and space

no rat race

no big chase 

of the so called American Dream

what does that even mean?

Instead I dwelled in the place of well

and everything meant something and nothing at the same time

there was only possibility and chimes

that heralded the way to the place to stay

before time began and we ran 

so far away from bliss

to this…

now searching for the way back

cards stacked

but door ajar

how far 

can you open your mind

and let time unwind?

Liquid Dreams

There were a million notions 

like liquid dreams and potions

mixing and swirling and twirling 

in my head;

above my bed 

did fairies dance

they took a chance

and it paid off

a fact of which none could scoff

or take away

put in a pocket for another day.

They whispered that life was now

days were not something you could count,

but live

each and every one

from sun up till the day was done.

“Get up!” They began to shout.

“Time to take a different route!”

The same old path is not the way

an unbeaten road is where you should stray,

like a rolling stone

roam until you feel where you belong

to the earth

the wind

and the sea

to the place I feel deep inside of me.