Stuff To Do On Sunday

I’m gonna finish off August with my customary Stuff To Do On Sunday but starting in September I think I may switch off to something else…I have a few things in mind  (smiling slyly at you, but in a good way).

Ok, stuff to do on Sunday…

  1. Do something, one thing that makes you feel really alive. I can’t say what that is but you know what it is. Perhaps it is yoga or hiking or writing or vision questing. Maybe it’s reflecting or meditating or making love or making art or making memories. DSCN4283
  2. Drink lots of water. Get something cute to drink from and keep water with you all day long (sometimes I like to drink water from a wine glass)Hippie abstract postcards interiors 1
  3. Write a personal, very specifically personal list of affirmations for yourself and put them somewhere you’ll see the list often.img_0512
  4. Go outside and stay there for at least 10 minutesDSCN4676
  5. Put your bare-feet on the earthdscn3710
  6. Build a blanket fort in the living room or hall or at the top of the stairs just someplace you like and crawl in with a good bookThe Reading Nook
  7. Make stir fry for lunch and eat it with chop sticks without your device next to youPasta For Dinner copy
  8. Plan your dream vacation
  9. Pick out your clothes for the whole wee including accessories  Give Me a Peaceful Summer pc5
  10. Clean out your purse or wallet or tote bag or mind30 page zine pgs, 7-9
  11. If you are in the Salisbury area of NC go by the Webb Rd. flea market and say hey to Sparky since he’s selling there today (outside table) with his friend Walter…you’ll know them when you see them trust me and stop by Tami and Alex’s booth in Building A you know it by the all the good vibes and big peace symbol and the aroma of Peace.

However you spend the day, spend it well, fully aware and present with love and joy. Dig down deep if you have to because it will be so worth it and don’t forget to try to stop by again tomorrow!!

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4635


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