free verse hippie poetry…C’est La Vie, A Cat, You and Me


Come, let’s walk down by the sea

we’ll pick up shells

and let what will be

just be,

c’est la vie

and all that.

We may pass a cat

along the way

a little stray

with no home of her own

so we’ll invite her along

our path

back to our home

where there’s sunny windowsills

and a hammock between two trees

a breeze and an ease

to life

and love to share

peace fragrant in the air

incense and coffee

english toffee.

Sunflowers taller than man

stand along the fence

to the dune

waves high in the afternoon

surfing the creative wave

love stays

true blue

like the sea

as we walk along

you and me

and the cat,

well, how do you like that

C’est la vie.


Well, there you have it, off the top of my hippie head. I can feel it. I hope you dig it. And I hope your Friday is beautiful and I hope your dreams come true and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4283




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