Reviews of My Art

Oh, My – Rasta Peace Kitty is SO Wonderful & Colorful! – He was intended for my niece, but I might have to keep him – a very tough decision! – Dawn’s art is such a gift, and I’m always thrilled to add to my collection! – Thank You SO Much!!!

Dawn’s creative art has so much appeal. Every time I look at my collection, I feel happy and peaceful. There aren’t many things in this world we live in that can give you that feeling. Dawn, thank you SO much for sharing your gift of Fantasy & Whimsy and, at the same time, Peace & Love.

The prose, the pictures – It’s A Summer Thing is another creation that I will enjoy time and time again! – I Love that I can pick this up and feel a little bit of Summer in my soul even in the darkest days of Winter. – Once again, Dawn, thank you SO much!!!

Art on the wall is always Wonderful, art in your hands is Fabulous!!! – This little zine is a feast for your eyes to drink in. – Every page is SO Beautiful, filled with such detailed drawings, lovely colors, and a bit of “Magic” to boot! – Dawn, your imaginative, fabulous and fun creations will keep me coming back over and over! – Thank You SO Much!!


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