Day 340 of 365 Saturday In The Country


Hey beautiful people!

I’m having a family day! I love those. My kids are all grown up so when they want to spend their Saturday with you it’s special, you know?

We’re going to Ikea, never been there, and putting up our tree before Keegan goes to work and Rainy heads off home.

It’s just a good morning from me. The cats caught a mouse this morning and now Moon Pie is staring out the window, looking for something to stalk? Cosmo is watching her. She is the hunter and he is the finisher so to speak. We tried to save the mouse but he wasn’t having that. I did save a spider though. That’s country life I guess.

I hope your Saturday is great and I hope ours is too. Gotta replace a flap on the toilet tank so it will have to be taken apart and down for a couple of hours according to Wayne and so that’s no fun, send positive vibes please!

Meet me back here tomorrow!

Big hugs 😀

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