Day 339 of 365, Free Verse, Chocolate


Good morning again beauties! I say again because I was actually adding the tags and my blog was gone, not in saved trashed or anything but here’s the free verse once again, I wonder how much it will change, I wonder if the energy switch has flipped?

Life is like a box of chocolates

but you can sometimes tell what you’re gonna get

before you take a bite of something you’re gonna regret.

Just use the part of you that’s hard to understand

the inside that’s neither woman or man.

A feeling that pushes this way or that

leaves you with a feeling so zen like a chilling cat.

Follow your instincts, you’ll know what to do

and if you don’t then wait a moment

maybe eat a chocolate or two.


Yep, the vibe changed and I think I’m glad.

Have a beautiful day everybody!! I hope you know exactly what you want all day and I hope your chocolate is tasty, you know, if you are having any.

Meet me back here tomorrow!

Big hugs 😀

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