Day 337 of 365, Coffee and Cats


Hey beautiful friends. First off thank you, thank you, thank you for your views and likes. You really do make my day when I see something I said [typed] was read by someone other than me hehe.

I’m late to posting here and yet one of my cats have awakened from a nap to join me. So, hey from Cosmo as well.

I have been so busy! Not painting! Again! But here’s what I have done today:

fed all the furry friends inside and outside


walked on the treadmill

practiced yoga

cooked two meals and did dishes twice

cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer

carried out garbage

purged my art letting go of many pieces I will do nothing with, my mom wants them to use in her own art

Now here I am. It doesn’t look like much but the chores took a long time! Now though I have a fresh pot of coffee and some time before Keegan goes to work so I’m going to paint!

Quotes day! Almost forgot!

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup. Henry Rollins

I hope your day is your own and you are enjoying every minute of it. Thanks again for the views and likes! I am smiling every time I see them!! I don’t feel like I’m floating out here in cyber space all by myself! So, great big mama bear hugs from me to you! Meet me back here tomorrow if you can.

Much Peace

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