Day 163 of 365 Days Of Where Did The Warm Weather Go?


Good chilly morning beauties. Yesterday was rainy and cold and never did truly warm up for me anyway. Today is dawning cloudy and chilly making me wonder where the warm weather went? My feet are cold but I refuse to wear socks in June. I’m a barefoot kind of hippie. My kittens are all bundled up together sleeping too. They were so cute and funny and playful during yoga this morning. Right now I’m watching hummingbirds having breakfast just outside my window. I’m so glad I moved my table. This is the perfect morning for coffee but what morning isn’t? Today I want to sew the peace flag I cut pieces and made art for yesterday. I also want to work on wedding garland for my shop and list on etsy and upload new art to Saatchi Art. Ooh, and I want to work on my curtains too. I need a list:

  • sew big bohmian peace flag
  • paint wedding garland for shop
  • list on etsy
  • upload new art to Saatchi Art
  • work on curtains

Already this morning I have:

  • scooped litter box
  • fed furry friends
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • washed the laundry
  • showered
  • practiced yoga for 60 mins (Ashtanga is practiced in the evening now and I’m digging it at that time so much! I can get deeper into the asanas!!)

I made bread yesterday so I don’t need to do that but I do need to drink coffee so I’m going to bounce and get some!

Have a great day! Enjoy the warmth if you have it. Meet me back here tomorrow!



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