Day 110 of 365 Winds of Change Days


Just outside the bay window the sunflowers have begun peeking their little heads up. They have no idea yet that soon strawberries will be joining them. What a color filled sight that will be!

Right now the winds that blew in with yesterday’s thunderstorms and are shaking the leafs dry and stiring what I  hope are the good winds of change.

Change, while scary, is needed sometimes you know? I once loved change, a trait I inherited from my gypsy mom no doubt, I welcomed it as she did, does,  but as time has passed and so very many bad changes have occured since I began cohabitating with Wayne that change scares me now even though I need it more than anything else.

So to these winds that are stirring outside the studio welcome, welcome the winds of change to my life. I am ready. Let’s do this.

Have a great day peace seeker and meet me back here tomorrow when hopefully we can expect to start seeing some of changes (for the better) immediately.

Namaste&WindsOfChangewinds of change girl

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