Day 106 of 365 Of Project Strawberry

Day 106 of 365 Days Of Project Strawberry.

Good morning beautiful people!

How did you do with yesterday’s thoughts and words? I keep it up pretty much. I had to catch myself more than just a few times though.

I did it! I almost did it actually. Just need to do a little outlining and then it’s done, the strawberry piece I’ve been working on. Whew! I love it and I began another one and stopped and began again and stopped and began again and today I have a little bit more on the concept so we’ll see. I’ve almost completed a project in one little part of a whole. But really that’s life isn’t it? One little project after another then it turns into something whole.

My studio is very hygge now. It’s got a nice work flow to it and the lighting is just right and at least in here there is peace.

I’ve got to bounce to carry Sky to work. Then it’s home to laundry which is drying, and French class and later errands I need paper and cereal.

Have a great day and meet me back here tomorrow.

Namaste&ProjectStrawberrystrawberry fields

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