Day 77 of 365 Days With Fresh Start Mondays


Day 77 of 365 Days With Fresh Start Mondays.

It’s a brand new week with brand new opportunities for us! Well, depending on how we choose to use our day(s). We can make or break our opportunities, right? Let’s make good choices! Let’s make the most of our time but not forgetting to take time to just be…

How about a feel good list for new week kick off:

pound cake with drizzled icing

sun burning off the early morning fog

remembering milk breaks in elementary school (I loved those little cartons of milk!)

re-reading Romeo and Juliet (now that you don’t have to)

windshield wipers flapping back and forth squeegeeing the rain away

frog singing to a cricket symphony

milk glass with fresh flowers

Archie comic books

Have a great Monday and super great week!

Meet me back here tomorrow and or later this morning over at my art blog to see what’s new ->art


Lemonade With Monet
Lemonade With Monet

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