Day 76 of 365 Days Of Spiraling Out Of Control and Embracing It


Day 76 of 365 Days Of Spiraling Out Of Control and Embracing It.

Strange? Maybe but look at it this way. When life turns on the dime and things spiral out of control why not embrace it instead of fighting against it?

When finding ourselves in a whirlwind, a tornado, a crazy merry go round or some ride found at a carnival from hell, we’re only going to get more lost and confused if we fight it.

But what if we relax into it the spiral and say okay, trippy ride but let’s see how we can adapt to survive it, then we have a better chance of coming through without too many bruises and tears and lost time. We’ll embrace the spiral and slide down it until we land and then when life turns once again on that proverbial dime we’ll already be off and running because of all the groovy ideas and plans we made while sprialing!

We can take on the spiral and turn it into something we grow from, we learn from or just plain make it through because that’s what we do. We can play music, make art, make cookies, make love. We can smile and sit and wait for the storm to pass us by. We can come through the spiral and still not be late for life.

Remember, Embrace, Don’t Hate.

I hope life is good to you and you to it.

Meet me back here tomorrow.

Namaste&SpiralsAlice CB pg1 0f 12


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