Day 75 of 365 Early Morning Days


Day 75 of 365 Early Morning Days.

I like getting up early. I like watching the sun rise as I practice yoga or write free verse or make art or just drink coffee.

There’s something magical in those early morning hours that you don’t get at any other time of day. For me, that’s when the inspiration is at its peak. Maybe because the house is so quiet or maybe because the mind is more open then? I don’t know, don’t care, I just like it. It’s hygge. It’s special. It’s important to me. I have my twinkle fairy lights, my candles, my incense, my yoga practice. I know coffee and music and art are just around the corner and most importantly…I have…peace.

I hope your day is so so so beautiful.

Meet me back here tomorrow for a feel good list.


Sunrise On Rainbow Island
Sunset on Rainbow Island

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