Day 74 of 365 Days To Peer Into The Mist


She pulled back the curtain sheers

to peer

out into the mist

the moment but a kiss

brushed against the cheek 

like a breeze through the trees

almost brought her to her knees

yet, no one was there.


into the dream


giving way

to the light of day.


only a choice away.


Free verse came first today from someplace inspired by this early morning thunderstorm I suppose. I don’t know, don’t care really, ’cause I like it.

Now it’s all about the coffee and the day ahead that’s alive with possibilities for us if so choose, right? Coffee, optional. Choices, mandatory if you want change and I do. We need it.

If you’re with me, then let’s pull back those sheers into our dream and peer out into the mist and see what’s yet not been seen as a reality and let’s manifest it. Let’s make the choices and make it happen.

Have a beautiful magical day and I mean magical as I feel today is charged with magic and change and endless possibilities and I always trust my instincts.

Meet me back here tomorrow.

Namaste&MistMidsummer Night


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