Not A Picture Perfect Christmas, But It’s Mine


Good morning Peace Seeker.

A new week. I feel both excited and concerned.

I want to stay mindful.

I want’ to make a lot of art.

I want to enjoy the holiday season but I don’t think I can live up to the commercials and movies, I know I can’t.

I can, however, make hot chocolates and cookies. I can play music and burn candles and incense. I can make tasty food.

I can share hugs and peace and Christmas magic when the tree lights twinkle.

I can string popcorn for the birds and watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas and reminisce and dream and play games with my family.

I can wear my favorite chenille socks and flannel pjs and and curl up comfy cozy on my old sofa with the tear Benny chewed into it when he was younger.

My Christmas doesn’t have to be picture perfect. Life’s a mess after all. A big beautiful mess so let’s enjoy it. It’s like the pressures off so just live and enjoy it man, right?

There wasn’t much to show on my art blog this morning but if you want to check it out anyway here’s a link Groovy Art

Meet me back here tomorrow.

Namaste&ChristmasRealitysunday morning 1


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