Did We?


A new week, a new month, almost a new year is upon us Peace Seeker.

How did we do last week? Last month? This past year?

Did we love?  Did we laugh? Did we cry?

Did we try something we had been wanting to try?

Did we stay as mindful as we could? Did we accomplish all we had planned?

Did we plant gardens big or small? Did we give back to Mama Earth?

Did we give a home to a furry friend?

Did we hug someone everyday? Did we share space and time?

Did we tell those we love that we actually do indeed love them?

Did we?

There’s still time, we’re still here. We’re still sharing this big beautiful planet so let’s make the best of everything we can.

Meet me back here tomorrow my friend to share some time and find some peace.

Namaste&DidWe?Garden Guardian


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