Free Verse Poetry and Today’s Bullet List


Friday! Peace Seeker, my big chore day but guess what? I did them yesterday so today I only need to do laundry which is in the dryer and make bread which is on it’s first rise so hurray!

I don’t think I’ll work on the purge room today. I think I’ll save it for the weekend and make art all day since Sparky will be at dialysis and I’ll be home all day long.

Today I will try to complete:

  • some new glow pins
  • cutting out yoga girls
  • making letters for DreamweaversCottage on etsy

Then if there’s time:

  • begin new zine
  • work on painting in progress
  • work on Christmas ornaments

Now free verse!!

I’m dreaming of sitting in front of a fire

warm and glowing in the late afternoon,

hoping the moment is over

a minute too soon.

I’ll have coffee and a book

napping dog in the corner of the nook.

The time will slowly tick tock away

dusk closing in on the chilly day.

Peace filling the air

the cat’s gaze a sleepy stare

into the twilight

soon the stars will take flight

and I just might

wish upon one

for this feeling to not ever be undone.

I hope you like it my friend. I sure do.

Meet me back here tomorrow!

Namaste&FreeVersesunday morning 1




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