Free Verse and Food

Shooting arrows at a rainbow target

set on the

 pot of gold

midas touch only a whisper of old

times lost

at what cost?

Perhaps a dream

a reality unseen

but not unreal

if we continue to peel

back the layers,


the wrinkles of time

worn and frayed 


we stand on everyday

the price to pay

to play

the game of Life

so we may shoot arrows at rainbow targets.

Today’s free verse off the top of my head Peace Seekers. I’m not sure but I think it’s meaning is deep in there.

I hope you enjoy your day and don’t fall into a shopping trap lol.

Hey! I opened my DreamweaversCottage!! Wanna see? There’s only two items listed so far but it’s a start lol. Here’s a link: DreamweaversCottage

Ok, I guess I need to go it’s time for my bread to go in the air fryer. Oh, I did make my whole Thanksgiving meal in the air fryer!  I prepared sweet potato extravaganza, pumpkin pie, and stuffin’ muffins in it to go with the green beans and egg boats and cranberry sauce and bread and gravy with creamed potatoes and of course the turkey they loved! Sparky grilled it for 5 hours and they all agreed it was the juiciest of all turkeys past, and much better than oven roasted!!

Meet me back here tomorrow!!


Rainbow flowers
My Rainbow Garden



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