Before The Pots Boil


Before the day gets really good and started Peace Seeker, I just want to say to all of us cooking the day away, let’s remember to enjoy it and stay mindful and really experience and appreciate the efforts we apply and the love will stir in and make it all so much better.

Imagine looking in your own kitchen windows and seeing the sights. The oven filled with roasting turkey, grill in our case this year as I use the air fryer now since the oven died and I don’t miss it, imagine the stove top with the boiling pots and the steam and the chopping block with stacks of veggies and the rising bread and pies to bake.

The homeyness of everything, the aromas and sounds of life and peels of laughter. Let’s make memories and have a beautiful day. After all is said and done I intend to work on some art and watch Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving 😀

If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving then be thankful you don’t have to do al the dishes!!

Meet me back here tomorrow!

Namaste&Thanksgivingcartoon sunday #2


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