Hey Peace Seeker.

It’s still raining and I’m still loving it.

I’m digging the weather for all it’s moody inspiration and invitation to drink copious amounts of coffee. Piper watching the rain

Yesterday I made letters to go with the backdrop I painted to take pictures for the DreamweaversCottage. They took all day long but I love love love them. You can check them out on my Instagram if you want to: Instagram

Today I want to find peace in music and art and even in the little mundane everyday chores.

I want to try to:

  • make pins and stickers for the DreamweaversCottage
  • design and create tags for DreamweaversCottage
  • finish up a painting that will become a big throw pillow
  • begin a new painting for an even bigger throw pillow
  • possibly begin to weave a bag
  • and I’m contemplating on moving the studio furniture around (YIKES!)

I’ve gotta make bread today too and my laundry needs to go in the dryer so I’m going to bounce, the warmth from Ashtanga is wearing offs and I’m needing some coffee!! Want a cup? It’s pumpkin spice 😀

Namaste&Coffeecoffee aceo


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