This is my vow to the holiday season


Good morning beautiful Peace Seeker.

I hope Monday has kicked off well for you and just continues to be smooth and easy all week.

Let’s make a great week of it. By the time this week ends we’ll be half way through November and I hate that really. I want to slow down time a bit more. Maybe if I stay totally mindful and present then the times will be lived, every single second of them and then it wont seem to fly so fast.

I’ll play music and paint and quilt and make stuff. I cook and bake and plan for the holidays. I’ll make my list and check them twice!!

I’ll do my best every day.

This is my vow to the holiday season.

I better bounce. I’m chilly since my body is cooling off from Ashtanga and I need coffee.

Have a beautiful day and meet me back here tomorrow.

If you want, in a bit, I’ll be posting on my art blog some new images so you can pop in there from here: Groovy Art for Groovy People



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