Today’s Bullet List


Good cold country morning Peace Seekers.

It was the coldest night so far, 26 degrees Fahrenheit when I checked before sunrise Ashtanga. 32 degrees now and I can feel it, even my ears are cold lol.

I need white felt, I hope I can find some because I so don’t want to go out for it in the cold, but I need to go to Lowe’s too for some plexi…what to do…

Today I’m making homemade soup (hey wouldn’t this piece make a great mini art quilt wall hanging for the kitchen or dining room of a boho home?) Add that to today’s bullet list!!

Peace Soup
Peace Soup

and more bread to go with it. Art, what will I work on today?

Well, I want to make:

  • peace soup mini art quilt
  • some ornaments
  • a bowl
  • add the hanging tabs to the art I finished yesterday
  • snap some pics

and I should check my list from yesterday…

  • making bread
  • chicken with rice for lunch for my family
  • finish up an art quilt
  • work on a new painting
  • work on a new stain glass piece (faux)
  • make a quilted bowl
  • draw motifs for pins and stuff

Not bad, not bad at all.

So there it is for today. I should write it down and put it before me to stay on track.

  • white felt
  • plexi 
  • take hose clamps back to Harbor Freight since I didn’t use them on the air compressor
  • clean out/purge Narnia again
  • work on new dreamcatcher too!! 

The list is growing, I’d better go before it gets totally out of hand!!

Have a beautiful day and meet me back here tomorrow!!



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