Memories Made In The Fading Light of Day


Hey! Good morning Peace Seekers.

I’ve just practiced yoga but not Ashtanga because it’s Saturday and on Sat. you don’t practice Ashtanga so I flow vinyasa but I really miss my Ashtanga. Tomorrow!

So, today I want to try to accomplish:

  • making bread
  • chicken with rice for lunch for my family
  • finish up an art quilt
  • work on a new painting
  • work on a new stain glass piece (faux)
  • make a quilted bowl
  • draw motifs for pins and stuff

We’ll see how much of that I get done.

I need rice cakes and whipped cream but that can wait till next week and white felt too.

Last evening my kids, were like kids again. They went along with me to run errands:

  • Dollar Store: tp, baggies, laundry detergent, green tea, soap (Dial)
  • Library to drop off and pick up
  • Bakery for sub rolls, hamburger buns
  • Harbor Freight: tried to find an air hose for my compressor…my air brush hose blew off the other evening and I need a new on. I fixed it I hope with zip ties until I can find one and so far I haven’t.
  • Aldi: bananas, grapes, cheese, spinach, dijon mustard, pumpkin spice coffee

It was so funny, they would race for the car to win the front seat until I suggested they swap at each stop. We had fun. It was a good day. It was chilly and rainy and beautiful. I liked being out in the last of the daylight what there was of it. There was magic and whimsy in the air. We made memories.

I think that’s where the magic is, in the in between times, the ones that would normally go unnoticed if not mindful, you know? And maybe it’s all in how you look at it. I want to see with eyes open to possibilities and opportunities to create a moment. If that makes sense, I’m not sure.


I think another one is on deck! And I need to get to it. I need coffee man. So, have a great one, listen to music and make some art, make some memories!

Meet me back here tomorrow 😀

Namaste&LifeFull Moon (pic?)


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