Free Verse Poetry, Frayed and Dazed


Words! Peace Seekers, words are piling up in my head!! I’m just off the yoga mat from sunrise Ashtanga and here they are flowing so let’s go:



and little Confused

sometimes unknowing of just what to do.

Battle scars but no worse for the wear

and at least you know you actually took a dare.

A dare to Live

to Laugh

to Love

to look for something other than just above

the surface of now

so feel free to take a bow.


go on for your encore

knowing there’s still so much more!

Well, there it is, today’s free verse. I think I like it. Hope you do!

Meet me back here tomorrow!! Today is clean up day and art day and coffee day and music day and homemade cabbage eggroll day so I’ve gotta bounce.




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