Cups and Saucers


Hey Peace Seeker! Good afternoon.

Do you drink your coffee or tea from a cup and a saucer? I like cups and saucers. If I had room I’d probably have a whole collection of them.

I can see them now, stacks and stacks of cups and saucers. A dazzling display the Mad Hatter and other inhabitants from Wonderland would love at their  tea parties.

Yesterday I made a boho pouch and finished up a painting and almost began a new one but I didn’t.

We’ve been running errands all day and I’m just now getting into the studio man. So, yeah, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to get done today but we’ll see.

I’m gonna bounce. Have a great day and meet me back here tomorrow!!


Sunshiney Hippie Morning
Sunshiny Hippie Morning

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