add quality to our quantity…


Peace Seeker, if you’re like me you focus on To Do List and your day planner is always within reach packed full of extra added on lists written on gum wrappers, torn envelopes or whatever scraps of paper you find. There’s  pictures torn from magazines, paint  swatches, notes, inspirations…

Yesterday my to do list was so long and every time I crossed something off I had a sense of accomplishment even though two things went unchecked, at the end of the day I still was satisfied.

This morning before sunrise yoga though it hit me. Perhaps our days shouldn’t be measured by how much we got done, but how much we lived, how much we laughed and loved and shared peace. How much we enjoyed our chores, our routines, our everyday life, how mindful we were, how grateful.

Okay we may not enjoy scrubbing the tub but we enjoy a great shower right? We enjoy fresh linens and the food we eat so it’s all connected. I think a meal cooked with peace and music and love is way better than a meal cooked while stressed or absentminded.

Those lists help us stay on target and focused and that’s so good but if we add quality to our quantity then that’s a win win! Right?

I hope our day is filled with a huge quantity of quality life moments! I’m adding that to my To Do List today 😀

Meet me back here tomorrow!



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