Free Verse Hippie Poetry, Gypsy That I Was, Stevie Nicks Mash Up

Hey Peace Seekers!!

I’m late!! I’ve been cleaning cleaning cleaning though!! Not done yet. I took down my Halloween witch’s hat lights in my studio and now I’m searching for lights to put up instead. I love yoga by fairy light.

I still have to fold laundry too but there’s nothing magical or fairy like there lol.

Today’s Friday!! It’s free verse day! I thought I would share my Stevie Nicks mash up with you. I took lines from her songs and made them into a free verse I recently put on a scarf I made for a friend/client 😀

Here it is:

Stevie Mash Up Free Verse

When I remember someone I remember their dreams, the ones no one else knows.

Time casts a spell on you

shining autumn and oceans crashing.

The sound of my voice will haunt you.

Enchanted, a voice in the night,

a cat in the dark starless sky.

In the moonlight with sleepy eyes

I search for something I can’t see

in a room with some lace and paper flowers,

knocking on doors,

to the velvet underground

a bell rings through the night

there’s no light in here

things have to change

Time keeps on going by

I just keep waiting

I wonder what’s to become of me

but then again,

maybe I don’t wanna know

I have no fear

I have only love

I am stronger than you know

I am a woman taken by the wind

carried back to the gypsy that I was.

It got a good reception on Facebook. I hope you dig it and I hope your November is off to a great start!!

Meet me back here tomorrow!



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