October is almost over Peace Seekers. Can you believe it? Time flies doesn’t it?

Sometimes when I am practicing Ashtanga in the morning my mind wonders or is it wanders off and I roll through asanas without noticing I don’t like that. When I focus and practice mindfully, bringing myself back to center when that happens then the practice is so much more MORE.

If we lived our lives as mindfully as we could really experiencing the sunrise and sunsets and the meals we eat and the sky and trees and the coffee we sip and the book we hold, the words we read.

If we really listened to our music and feel bare-feet on the ground. If we feel the spoon in our hand as we stir the pot of soup and see the veggies we chop and hear the knife as it slices, the texture of the clothes we wear and sound of the key in the lock and tires on gravels.

Experiencing, living even the tiniest of moments, the everyday life stuff, the little things that make up us, those routines will be more than routines then, they’ll be events and memories.

Well, that is all that I wanted to say, I hope your day and week is mindfully lived and well spent and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

I’ll be posting some new art pic later this morning if you want to follow the link Art Pics

Namaste&Mindfulness DSCN5470


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