Free Verse Poetry, Room With No Windows


I’m in the dark in a room with no windows

searching for some kind of form

some kind of reason

some sense to the senseless

but nothing changes 

not even the season

in a  dark room with no windows

no view

no air to breathe

no sway of the trees

no song of the bird

the earth is unheard 

in her cry of despair

it’s just not fair

can’t someone explain

the reason for the pain

the sadness

it’s madness

that’s what it is

in a room with no windows

no light

no sight

no dreams to take flight

one might

go insane

in the mundane

the same old

same old

same old

story told








things have to change

burst through a wall of our own making

no more faking

waking to the truth

to be told

let go of the old

grasp the new

before you

even know 

what to do

do it anyway

don’t delay

you can’t stay

in a dark room with no view

this just will not do

break free

from your own chains that bind

and find

your life force

open doors

with a breath

a word spoken

a token 

like a magic potion

all will come forth

true north

compass set



what you reap

sleep a deep sleep

live a lively day

stay away from 

dark rooms with no windows

move toward the rooms with a warm glow


up for life

and do what’s right 

for you

the leafs shook and the wind blew

and the seasons finally changed. 

Well, Peace Seekers, I don’t know where that came from and it kind of freaks me out but I like it.

I hope your day is beautiful! It’s cold and raining here and I’ve been doing chores chores chores all day long after another procedure for Wayne and now, now I’m having coffee and about to do something artsy, don’t know what but something.

Meet me back here tomorrow!



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