Is It The Full Moon?


Hey Peace Seeker! Good cloudy chilly afternoon.

Okay, for some reason I’m in the holiday spirit. Is it the full moon? Is it the cloudy days? Is it the chill in the air?

Last year I listened to my music all the way through Christmas. It was Van Morrison, Janis Joplin, George Harrison…very little, if any, Christmas music and last week, last Friday, I began listening to Christmas music! I even had on Christmas music Monday when I sat out my Halloween decorations!

I mailed out another commission today. So now I’m ready to start on ornaments for my etsy shop or maybe I can figure out how to sell them here? Can you sell from your blog? I’d rather be here than etsy to be honest. Maybe Instagram? I wish I were more computer friendly.

The day looks like snow. Not cold enough though but it has that vibe. The coffee and art and music vibe and I have all three so I’m going to go enjoy all three!

Meet me back here tomorrow!



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