Bullet List!!


Groovy Art People, how are you?

I just posted on my art blog if you want to check out the art update you pop over there here->Groovy Art

So, last week I accomplished a lot!


  • cleaned out the deep freeze
  • switched out my summer for winter wardrobe and purged a lot of clothes (down to one box (including shoes) of summer items)
  • deep cleaned the shower and put up a new curtain
  • made homemade from scratch calzones
  • rearranged the living room (about midnight Friday night!)
  • switched out summer body lotion scents for winter ones
  • furniture polished
  • changed the linens (flannels on!)
  • cleaned the windows
  • made a tower of books
  • purged more of the studio (not done yet)
  • colored my hair
  • ran 7 errands!
  • went to the library

Art, I: ( in case you don’t pop into my art blog ) ( Lots of pics on my art blog, well, not lots but a some, more than a few)

  • made pins
  • drew cats
  • drew a fairy house which has inspired me to try to draw one fairy house a day
  • finished up the Dreamcatcher Extravaganza commission
  • working on the just because gift to go with it now (almost done)
  • mailed out another art commission
  • airbrushed a mushroom painting
  • cut materials for new painting
  • drew with my sewing machine for the first time
  • wrote some free verses in my art journal
  • ordered fluorescent airbrush paint
  • and last but not least I wrote a free verse mash up of Stevie Nicks songs!! Fun! (I’ll post it here tomorrow!)

This week I hope to:

  • continue cleaning and purging
  • make pins
  • stickers
  • start a new art quilt
  • start a new issue of The Zen Pen Peace Project zine
  • make a diorama
  • work on faux stain glass art
  • work on cat and dog motifs
  • finish mushroom painting
  • list new art on my art blog if I can?
  • post a new fairy house drawing everyday on my Instagram
  • mail art out
  • order button machine
  • make incense burners
  • work on Christmas ornaments

I’ve actually added on here things I didn’t think of on my art post!!

Oh my gosh, I need coffee!

Have a beautiful day!!

Meet me back here tomorrow!!







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