Wild Horse and Dolphins


Hey Peace Seeker!

Oh my gosh. The coolest experience of all time happened to Sparky!

He was on a fishing trip to the sea, Harkers Island, for the first time in twenty years. He went with two friends, so there were three grown men, fishing supplies and a rather small boat for the ocean.

I kept writing on our chalk board that I write the day’s menus on everyday, by the fishing boat he drew, I wrote: we’re gonna need a bigger boat, haha, like Jaws! I even added a shark’s fin to the water surface.

He didn’t see a shark, but he did see dolphins!! They swam by the boat!!! OMG!! How cool is that?

On one of the little islands he saw a Banker!! A wild horse!!! I would have taken a million pictures!!!!

The beautiful sea, the dolphins!! The Banker!! OMG!!!!!!

Imagine the sea and chilly air, the whole experience…

Then he dreamed we were on an island and saw a horse with a hurt leg so I made him help it. The horse had a fishing hook stuck in it so we helped it, I fed it my lunch, carrots and celery to it and then it loved me! We followed it home as it swam in the sea and the horse then brought it’s baby over for us to see! 

Best dream of of all time.

I hope something magical like that happens for us all!

Meet me back here tomorrow!!



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