I’m thinking about time this morning Peace Seeker.

I wonder…

Do we actually own time or is time something we borrow each day?

Maybe if we are living mindfully then we are in the moment and owning our life, making the choices that are best for us and sharing peace and love and positive energy. Doing our little part each and every day to make the world or at least our part of the world, our world consisting of those lives who our words and actions and reactions touch, if we do our best to live mindfully and aware but not pushy or anti this or that but pro this and that, if we are putting forth positive chi then that is a good thing.

Then whether or not we own time isn’t the question, the question would be…

Do we do the best we can with the time we have?

I’m just wondering…let me know what you think if want to share.

Hey I’m gonna try to post something new on Instagram each and every single day starting today so if you want to connect there Peace Seeker, here’s a link….Instagram

Meet me back here tomorrow!! Free verse hippie poetry day for me 😀 Who knows what will pop from my crazy mind!



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