Ghost Stories and Autumn Love


Hey Peace Seekers!!

Autumn has arrived in NC! It came in on Hurricane winds just like I wrote in my free verse on Friday. I love autumn. I love the colors, the warm yellows and fire oranges and russets and deep purples. I love the smell of cinnamon and spice and pumpkin and hot coffee. I love homemade soup and bread. I love the sunsets that light up the pale sky. I love ghost stories!

I’ve been watching Ghost Story, Circle of Fear off and on all weekend on the Decades Channel. I love the Decades channel. A lot of shows I loved from way back in the 60’s and 70’s come on and they have marathon weekends of shows like Ghost Story.

Next week will be Thriller!! So freaking excited!

Would you move into a house with a reputation of being haunted it was your dream home?

I already see ghosts so I probably would.

I have a few projects to finish up before sunset yoga so I’m gonna bounce. Meet me back here tomorrow!!


Halloween ornaments for sale in my etsy shop
Halloween doesn’t have to be orange

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