Free Verse Poetry and Peace


Autumn blew in on hurricane winds and rain

beating against the window panes

heralding a change

on the dawn of a new day

no more mainstay

far away 

from the dreams that had remained 

the same

only rearranged

or delayed until some other day

another time

another rhyme

another reason

brings us back to the change of season

that arrived on the winds of a hurricane yesterday

which means today is the new day

and dreams manifest

forget the rest 

this is what matters

take your seeds of dreams

and let them scatter

take root and  grow

from this day on

only forward you will go. 

I like that Peace Seekers. I really do. I had no idea until I stepped in the studio, the oh so quiet studio, warming from the sunshine in the front windows, the only sound that of a napping fat cat and tick tock of clock. I would have to say this moment in time is Peace.

I hope your day is filled with Peace too my friend and maybe you can stop by again tomorrow.



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