Yoga and Breath and Mind Over Matter

I just practiced Ashtanga yoga. I jammed my toe. The baby toe on my left foot the same as last week. It didn’t stop  me from practicing last week and it didn’t stop me this morning either but it does hurt.

I didn’t focus on the pain I focused on breathing and even now standing here typing out this conversation with you my dear Peace Seeker, it hurts, like a lot, but if I don’t think about it then I can let it go.

I wonder if that’s the way things work. Using your focus and attention bringing and pushing things around in time and space….

I can focus on the pain and feel it, really feel it, or I can focus on breathing or typing or on the coffee I’ll have in a few minutes and not feel it.

I just got aggravated for a second with the slowness of the computer and the pain really kicked in. Emotions and the Physical Body, so connected man. Stay calm and breathe is so much more than a plaque on the wall. Those words have a deep deep meaning if we really follow them.

Utilizing this method can I then focus on plenty and success? Enhancing people’s happy vibe with my art and words while making a good living at the same time? I can focus on the art and the love and positive energy that goes into each and every peace piece and just know that it’s meant for someone and they will connect and come together the art and the person and it will be good.

I want to get The Zen Pen Peace ProjectDSCN5502 back up and running too. I started a YouTube channel for it. I only have one video so far but I am dedicated to making a difference with my art and free verses so there will more, much more to come! Here’s a link if you want to check it out….The Zen Pen Peace Project

I hope your day is great!!

Meet me back here tomorrow if you can.

Namaste&BreatheWinds of Change Girl, That Girl coloring book


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