A Brand New Week


Hey Beautiful Peace Seekers. Good morning.

Monday, a brand new beginning of brand new week with brand new opportunities even while doing the same old sometimes boring things, opportunities to make memories and something good happen. The world has to have something for us. A deeper meaning than the same old some old, don’t you think?

Maybe this is way too much thought for so early on Monday but I’ve been up for hours. The dogs couldn’t sleep so they didn’t think I should either lol.

I gave in and got up and they, they went back to bed! Sleeping now! The rascals! Must love dogs!

Anyway I took my shower after my usual morning chores and practiced my two hours of Ashtanga and now here I am visiting with you, my friend and fellow peace seeker. Soon I’ll  make bread and  breakfast and art and another pot of coffee and hopefully a good memory or two.

I think our Indian Summer is drawing to a close. The highs are dropping into the 70’s later this week so I’ll need a sweater in the morning. I’m a Vata dosha, I feel cold weather coming ten miles away lol.

I bet the leafs will soon change color and Mama Nature will open a gallery of expressionism and impressionism and more beauty than we can even begin to take in all at once so it’s a good thing autumn lasts for a while.

I’m going to post on the art site in a bit so if you want to check out the new art here’s a link..My Art

I’ll be back in tomorrow if you want to pop in.



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