Free Verse Hippie Poetry, What If?


I’m hearing words Peace Seekers so I must take dictation to what comes from it….

What if we wrote our days from finish to start?

Unable to tell fact and fiction apart.

What if knew all the power our words held

would we choose them carefully and use them well?

What if we were connected by a thread

would that be welcomed or laced with dread?

What if we could cross both time and space

with enough for all, would we still race

to lay claim on this is mine and so not yours,

would we open wide or slam shut doors?

Would we still look down on another

or would we smile at our sisters and brothers?

What if the animals could speak?

Would you like to hear the truth they reap?

Would you believe or wait to see

the conversation between the dog and the bee?

What if peace was at the door?

Would we open it forevermore?

If opening meant we would not longer compete with each other

but lend a helping hand to one another?

What if it was all happening right here and now

would you love it or have a cow?

Because maybe it is in some little way,

the dawning of a brand new day.

Well, I guess that’s it. I don’t know where these words come form I only know they come and I am truly grateful they do!

I’ll be back on Saturday. Saturday! This week flew!

Enjoy your life my friend.



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