Art Update and Dreamcatchers

We delivered my art panels Sunday morning Peace Seekers! They ended up standing 8ft 3in after framing!! And they are spectacular. My client was super stoked!

The runner commission was delivered on Sat and another happy happy happy client!! Two in one week! I’m on a happy art roll!! The scarf I made for her as a gift just because that’s what I do,  I like to include a little something extra to each client, already received a compliment when she wore it out today!!! So cool!!

I’m stoked and happy happy happy!

Last week I made two and a half dreamcatchers. I am weaving them, adding fringe and after they are all done I’ll go back to add in the feathers, beads and baubles as a collection. I’ve dyed my own textiles and flowers for them too which has been so much fun! Totally goes with my hippie instinct.

I painted in watercolor and drew and had so much fun!

This week I’ll work more on the dreamcatchers. I’m making more than I need so the client can pick and choose the ones that speak to her and the rest I’ll sell in my etsy shop. I’m thinking though, that I may need a website of my own. A Squarespace or something? That’s a step I’m not sure of taking but I want to especially when I start my tee shirts and jackets.

Rainy finished my video of free verse and art so I’ll probably get that up as soon as she comes by!!

Wow! So much is happening! I’m stoked!!

I think my week is off to a great start and I believe yours is too!

No more Copperheads in the house either!! But I am a little paranoid. The past two mornings I have practiced sunrise Ashtanga Yoga with a little lamp light along with my  fairy lights. And every time Piper was intrigued by something I would keep watch. I suppose it’ll get back to normal gradually.

Anyway, we’ve got this!

Meet me back here tomorrow!



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