There Was a Snake In The House and we don’t have a snake


Oh my gosh Peace Seekers!!

You will never in a million years guess what happened to me last night.

You won’t believe it!

You’ll never believe it!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of how stranger life is than fiction and last night was a prime example.

Here’s the story and I assure you it is all true:

I practiced yoga in the late evening, sunset practice as usual. I always practice a sunrise and sunset yoga everyday. Ashtanga every morning now and a flow in the evening, not that the yoga has anything to do with the story except for the fact that I was on the flow in dim light and loving it.

Sparky wasn’t home.

I finished my practice and called my mom. I was telling her all the good things that were happening to my art…my happy clients and plans for future artsy stuff. We had been talking a while. It was now really dark. In my studio I had on one low light lamp in the back corner.

While still talking to her on the phone I went to the studio to get my day planner to make some notes. I had the doorway to the studio blocked so Benny couldn’t dig in the liter box.

I stepped over the bulletin board into the studio with bare-feet as usual, looking down I saw something turning to slither away.

That’s right slither.

There was a snake in the house. I was home alone. Just me and furry friends and a snake.

I said out loud “was that a snake?”

my mom flipped out

I said I’ve gotta go see if this was a snake

she no she wouldn’t hang up

I looked closer in the dim light and was sure there was indeed a snake in the studio.

I repeated I’ve gotta go to call Sparky before it gets away.

I called him. He had been visiting his mom in the hospital as she has kidney disease too and was admitted due to potassium but she’ll be coming home this week.

Anyway he had left the hospital and was in line getting himself some dinner at Popeye’s. He was planning on eating in and was waiting when I called. He didn’t answer on the first call. I hung up to try again. Wouldn’t go through. Tried again…no luck. After 5 attempts he answered.


Sparky: Hello

Me: There’s a snake in the house.

Sparky: What?

Me: There’s a snake in the house.

Sparky: What kind of snake?

Me: Not sure, it’s too dark to tell but I think it’s light colored.

Sparky: Well, I’m in line waiting for my food I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Me: Ok, I’ll keep my eyes on it.

I cleared away some things in front of the Narnia wardrobe, knelt down where I had just been practicing yoga, reaching under to clear away some cases of art stuff and saw him. Head lifted curious as to what I was up to I suppose.

I had a shitty little flashlight, two dogs and one fat cat. I didn’t want to take the chance on putting the dogs out and Piper in the bedroom because if he got out of my sight I’d never find him in here. So I was going to be diligent to keep the furry friends safe.

I had already turned on every lamp in the studio and put on the reading glasses I never wear ’cause they make me feel wonky but I wanted to see as well as I could.

He started coming out a couple times but would retreat.

He was  behind a Monopoly game tin which was still under Narnia because I wanted him to feel relatively safe and hidden so he wouldn’t go looking for another hiding spot.

Molly left the studio when I told her to and Piper was chilling on the floor. I was in a low squat a yoga pose known as Mālāsana with my head crooked sideways to view the snake at all times under the corner of the wardrobe at the back. I was in this position for over 30 minutes!!

In my head I would hear the words of the Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh,  I love so much in a book he wrote titled Peace Is Every Step. I stayed calm! I breathed in and out and didn’t cry or anything.

Not badass but zen I think. As zen as I could be considering the situation.

I wanted to believe it was only a black snake but every instinct which I know comes from a higher power was telling me it was not a black snake and I wouldn’t let myself say what I thought it really was.

Praying all the time and telling myself that Monday morning I would be practicing Ashtanga in the studio as usual and this would all be over.

Time was so freaking slow.

Sparky got home!

I suggested using my baby shop vac to suck him up. Sparky took up watch on the snake stretching out on the studio floor and shinning a flashlight much better than mine, he said, “shit, it’s a copperhead. Probably two months old.

That was the word I had been avoiding.

I retrieved the vac. He tried to suck it up but it didn’t work.

We couldn’t just capture and release it at this point.

It was trying to bite him.

He pinned it down with his fingers as I handed him a knitting needle to use to hold him down as I reached into his pants pocket as he lay on the studio floor. Handing him his pocket knife he said to the snake:

Sorry Snake. (He’s a snake charmer, at least that ‘s what I call him. He has since childhood had an affinity for snakes.)

He had to cut his head off.

There was no other way.

If he hadn’t been a pit viper we would never had killed it but it had to be done.

After it was all said and done I didn’t have my dinner until after 9! Not that that has anything to do with the story either.

Yeah, this morning I was back down there practicing Ashtanga in the early morning and yeah I was a bit nervy. Especially when Piper would head off to stalk.

Confession: I left on a lamp, Usually I only use my twinkle lights and a candle but today I left on the lamp by Narnia.

Okay so there you have it. My truth is stranger than fiction moment…one of them.

Footnote: This is the second time I have been in striking distance of a copperhead. Go figure.

Footnote: After last night I really needed my after yoga coffee. Our power went out for 90 minutes so we ran an errand.

All is well now though and soon Rainy will be here for lunch and the bread I began when the power went out will bake and the rest of the day will go great!

Meet me back here tomorrow!!



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