Art and Today’s Free Verse Hippie Poetry, Just Because

Oh my gosh Peace Seekers!

I’ve been working on a watercolor painting for a commission this morning ever since breakfast which really wasn’t that long ago.

Chores, shower, two hours of ashtanga and then we ran out to an early morning estate sale where I bought a whole bag of buttons for 3.00! Then home, then breakfast, then dishes and then the art which is so not  not my usual aesthetic and I was stressing at first but now I’m actually kind of digging it. No, I am digging it.

I hope the client does because this is just about as realistic as it’s going to get with my abstract/energy/instinct vibe but I am trying.

It’s fun to work in a different style sometimes. But my brand is bold and abstract and full of whimsical nonsense and this isn’t going to be that. This needs to be…zen. Calm and peaceful and minimalistic I think. I’m not sure I can pull it off but we’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve been standing here painting when I realized today’s free verse was trying to run through my head so let’s see what happens…

Just because you haven’t

doesn’t mean you wont

and just because it’s not happened

doesn’t mean it can’t. 

Just because you dreamed before and it didn’t work out

doesn’t’ mean a new dream will fail

and just because time has passed

doesn’t mean there isn’t more.

And that is where the words stopped. I like it though.

So, I’m going to grab another coffee and get back on the watercolor before I loose the vibe but I hope you can stop by again tomorrow and maybe if it turns out okay I can show you the art.




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