What I’m Wondering…

Hey Peace Seekers.

I hope all is well in your world.

Mine is busy again. We ran errands again. I did laundry again. Cooked and did the dishes again. Fed furry friends again. Practiced sunrise Ashtanga again. In a bit I may move around a few things in my studio…again.

Lots and lots of agains.

I wonder, do agains equal routines?

Do our routines help or hinder us?

Do we find comfort in the agains or aggravation?

And if we find some routines more aggravating rather than comforting then do find the aggravations easier to deal with than the task of making changes?

I was just wondering.

So, have a beautiful day and think about it a little. Are your routines helpful or hinderful? (I realize hinderful probably isn’t a real word but I don’t care and you know what I mean) and really no word was a word until it became a word. Right? 😀

See you tomorrow?



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