Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Wings Of Time

Put your hand in mine

and span the wings of time

of space

away from the human rat race

that is unmindful life

filled with strife and fights

and nights 

with stars that go unnoticed, unwished

like fish

in a bowl

unable to go


to see and be and

believe you me

that’s no way to live, no way to be

so give your soul 

a chance to roll

to roam

to belong

to nowhere and nothing

but peace and love

and like the dove

rise above

it all and fly

to the sky 

life can’t pass  you by

if you are in it

minute by minute

so put your hand in mine

and let’s climb

to the summit

and plummet 

our flag into a sea of wildflowers and dreams

 wide eyed schemes

that only the free are able to see

the possibilities of you and me.

I had to put down the free verse first Peace Seekers. The words just started flowing and I only take dictation when they do. I don’t know where they words come from only that they come when they want to. And I”m okay with that.

I hope you are living your dream and believing in things you can’t yet see but will. I will be back here tomorrow at some point and you are always welcome around the barefoot home!


Artsy Girls Postcards...Dreamer Girl
Dreamer Girl



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