Wishing On Stars and Running On Empty

Hey Peace Seekers!

Get ready, get set, GO!

We’ve been running all day long!!

I”m almost tired and it’s almost time for evening yoga. After which I’ll either be feeling energized or ready to chill and I’m betting on energized!

I’ve accomplished no art today. I did mail out a package of zines though.

I’m wondering about things…like…

  • why some days I can practice balance poses during yoga and be so steady and some days be weeble wobbly
  • why sometimes I can read the same line of a book four times and not know what it says
  • who came up with wishing on the first star of the night
  • why when it  rains, it pours
  • what if there were no bad people in the world
  • what if the  sun was night and the moon was day
  • what if I was fearless what would I do

So, that’s about it for me. I hope your evening is great and maybe you can stop by again tomorrow!



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