Peace Love and Daylight

Peace Seekers!

Guess what?

This is the first morning since I don’t remember when that I haven’t had to keep a lamp on after the sun rose. Of course, the sun is setting earlier and earlier but the point is we have daylight!

Ok, we have daylight through the clouds but it’s something!

Bullet List For Today:

  • organize zine/printing/area
  • sew my brother’s pockets 
  • finish up the runner commission
  • sign the panels that I finished painting yesterday and need to wait until weather is better to go outside to varnish them
  • work on four seasons commission
  • work on stain glass art
  • gather hoops for  dreamcatchers
  • print zines/package art
  • photo new art for Peace Love Art

If you want to follow the link later on to see the art stuff!

Meet me back here tomorrow if you can!

Namaste&Daylightcamping vw style


One Comment Add yours

  1. raquel mendez says:

    You are amazing

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