Ashtanga, Bullet List and Hurricane Florence

Another beautiful day to be alive Peace Seekers.

The rains from Hurricane Florence continue to fall and the winds are blowing and I’m still sending out so much peace and protection energy to all of us that need it.

I love moody weather. It’s great for art and coffee and board games.

I made eggplant parmesan and spaghetti with some broccoli spears and garlic bread on the side. Rainy and Michael came for lunch and in the afternoon before sunset yoga we played a board game. We played Clue! A super funny movie and fun game!! Michael won and he was the murderer!

We watched the 9th Gate with Johnny Depp instead of Svenghoolie last night. Wayne didn’t want to watch Rodan I think it was called. The movie was really good though. It was a movie we snagged at a yard sale and finally we watched it and now it can go in the sale at the flea market one day soon box.

I”m almost done with the second panel and I’m gonna miss these things once they are delivered.

So I think I’m going to go back to painting screens for room dividers. I’m using light weight materials to be assembled upon arrival so easy to ship. I loved these things before, they made super cool functional art!! Mine were in art galleries. A gallery in Charlotte and another in Beaufort and one in Concord…NC. They sold pretty well too.

This time I’m not using the super heavy wood I did before though and I’m glad. I like lightweight. It’s still functional, still cool and just easier to deal with, to move around and stuff.

I began a new week of Ashtanga this morning and I’m really thinking about trying out the Intermediate level. I looked at the postures and I think I already know most of them so I’ll give it a go soon. I love Ashtanga.

Today I need to:

  • finish the panel commission
  • finish the last touches on the runner commission
  • sew my brother’s pockets
  • draw art for four season commission
  • print some zines to go out next week
  • start a new drawing for stain glass effect art
  • gather circles for boho dreamcatcher commission 
  • paint paint paint!

I’ve already:

  • did the laundry
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • fed furry friends
  • took a shower
  • practiced Ashtanga Yoga for 2 hours

And now I’m about to:

  • decide on lunch menu
  • fold and put away the laundry
  • make breakfast 
  • do the dishes
  • and then probably make art, drink coffee and listen to good music

I hope your day is beautiful and you are safe and dry and happy and will meet me back here tomorrow 😀




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