Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

Good rainy Saturday morning Peace Seekers.

We’re in the bands of rain and wind from Hurricane Florence who is telling us in NC to kiss her grits!

Yesterday the winds blew all day long. It was gray and beautiful. The air was charged with energy and I had to keep moving all day long.

I took out of my studio one table and created so much more space! I made a sewing station with got my art supplies together almost all in one place. Still needs a little tweaking as projects like this do.

I purged the living room and made some space in there and I like it pretty good.

I still have a lot of purging to do but I am getting it done bit by bit. And in the process I have found that the more crap I get rid of, the more space I make the more I like it.

Today I probably won’t purge since it’s raining and I have art commissions to finish up and a package to get ready to ship when all this moves out.

Some people having to be extra careful since alligators are in the roads under flood waters! I would not want to take an alligator out for a walk!

Turn Around! Don’t Drown!

Being trapped in a car in a flood!! Super scary shit you so don’t need to deal with.

I hope you are safe and sound and happy and maybe you can stop by again tomorrow!





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